3D Animation, visualisation, motion graphics and other nice things

What are we?
We are a creative studio based in Perth, Western Australia. Our team creates and delivers a diverse range of visual material using most of the digital tools known to man! Over the years we have worked with some of the biggest global brands to the smallest ‘big ideas’
Bluenude has existed since 2001 when it was solely based in the UK. The studio, now located in Fremantle, near Perth and serves as the main point of contact for clients around Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and America.

What do we do?
We offer a complete creative, visual service.
By fusing expertise in 3D animation, visualisation and motion graphics together with a knowledge of more traditional image making techniques like film, photography and print we are able to support and serve our clients around the world.

Could we help you?
Of course! The core of our business has always been about you…The customer.
Apart from the more obvious platforms we work on, here are some of the ways we have helped existing clients.

Providing strong visual content to support the pitching process for major global projects
Creating animations to explain technical concepts to potential investors.
Helping build public awareness about new projects and products.
Assisting other agencies to deliver specialist services not available in-house.

Ultimately we are able to help you win more projects by providing the sophisticated visual content that is expected in modern business.
To learn more about what we do, take a look in our portfolio and our YouTube channel.
For more information or for an informal chat simply contact us.

Latest Blog Posts

3D Visualisation featured in the New York Times


3D Visuals we created for Carnegie Wave Energy continue to propagate around the world, this time featuring in the New York Times.

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New 2014 Showreel


It’s been a long time since we updated our showreel. Here’s a few snippets of what we have been working on, featuring 3D Animation, Motion graphics, design and a splash of video!
Have a look at our latest work here

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Bacon Saved


We normally get excited about the latest developments in 3D animation software, however this week an unexpected application saved our bacon.

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